Songdo: City of Mystery


We are moving to a brand new city.  So new, in fact, that it doesn’t officially open until 2015.  However, there is housing, there are parks, our school is open, there are restaurants….The one thing that is lacking is information.  And this is the thing that really baffles me and part of why I want to do this blog in a new way.  People love to blog.  But I can’t find a single good blog from an English speaker in Songdo.  Restaurants love to self-promote.  They sort of have to, right?  But while I have found a few names of places and can locate them on a Google map, these places do not have websites.  Is that odd or is it just me?    Every time I find a single post from someone’s single visit to the city, it was 2 or 3 years ago.  There is nothing current.  I also find this odd.  Before we got our housing information, I knew the name of the development and combed the web for any mention of it.  I found none, but our school sent us a direct link to their website.  So I have to wonder, do these things actually exist and is this a matter of the rest of the world not having access to them because the city isn’t open so these sites are blocked from searches?  A total enigma.

And so it is my hope that when I arrive in New Songdo City and begin to document what we find there, that others will have access to that information.

So far, I have found out from Facebook that there is a group of expat runners who meet regularly and I intend to meet them and run when I arrive.  I know that there is a social group and they post events and that is how I learned some names and locations of various bars and cafes.  But knowing the names is not enough.  I suppose you must either have the website link in-hand (which isn’t posted anywhere) or it’s uncool to have a website for your business in Korea.  Either way, I am at a loss.  And so is anyone else about to move there.

There’s plenty of general articles about the city from various news sources here.  Sounds cool, huh?  Wish I could find out if there’s a grocery store!


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  1. Glenn Thomas
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 14:48:01

    Thank you for getting this started- we have an American daughter who is in Bucheon and moving to Songdo City in the fall. Love to hear more.


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