Busy Summer!

What a whirlwind!  5 weeks to see everyone you know is not enough time!

We’ve been soaking up the good times with friends and family in North Carolina and Colorado.  We’ve been hiking, trail running and climbing.  We’ve been eating the food we crave (BBQ, good Mexican, variety) and drinking up the good beers.  Since we’ve been gone, New Belgium of Fat Tire fame has developed a stunning IPA, named Ranger, that really makes me happy. I highly recommend it!

This week I return to NC and we have a mere 2 weekends left until we leave for Korea.  Tim bought a couple guidebooks for us so we’re already looking for places to go–like North Korea!  It’s true, you can take a guided tour of the mysterious north. I know my sister in law will want to join for that one!

While I’m not quite ready to get back to work, I am excited to get settled into our new place and establish some routines.  It is hard to live out of bags.  Bali has been enjoying staying with her grandparents and we’re working on her paperwork to get her into Korea with us.  No, there’s no quarantine period.

I’m off now to happy hour with more friends we’ve not seen in two years.  It is so good to be home….


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