Orientation Excitement

A tentative orientation schedule was posted for our arrival in Songdo City.  It’s the sort of information that makes a new move feel real.  We can picture ourselves doing things when we have a schedule.  The days look good, but busy!  There is a lot of work scheduled but that’s tempered with trips to Costco, subway how-tos, trips to Seoul, and happy hours.  I’m beginning to itch to get into our house and check out Songdo.  Patience grasshopper.  You still have two weeks of Stateside bliss to enjoy.

Usually, when you move to a new school, you have two weeks before school begins.  Often the first week is local culture and city orientation while the second week is work at school.  That’s great for a couple days, but by day three, you want to check out the school and get into your room and start setting up.  So I actually really appreciate this schedule because we have a school tour and time in our classrooms from the get-go, the morning after we arrive.  It looks like a daily mix of work and living orientation.  It’s just one more sign that Chadwick is paying attention to the needs and wants and care of their staff.


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