Well Someone Has Pictures

New Songdo City photo credit: Tim Henkels

My husband, Tim, went to the Songdo Good Market this past weekend.  On his way around town, he took some photos.  It gives you a much better idea of what the city looks like.  You can see his post and pictures here.  You’ll notice that the streets are relatively empty.  It’s true, there’s no traffic yet.  You’ll notice there’s lots of green stuff.  Indeed, we have a lot of trees.  But I’m worried we don’t have tree people.  You can tell the trees have been implanted and are too close together.  Some have died, and many blow over in the typhoons even though they’re anchored quite well.  We’ve also noticed there seems to be a lack of weed eaters in this city.  The weekend before school opened, there were tons of workers outside pulling the weeds by hand!  And we are talking about a giant of a school complex.  So after quite the rainy summer, New Songdo City is very green, but not very manicured!

I will try to take my camera to work tomorrow for some glimpses of the place where we spend most of our time right now.  In the meantime, enjoy Tim’s reflections and photos.



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