After a crazy few weeks at work, we had our first holiday–ahhhhhhh!  We took a week-long break for the Korean Chusok holiday which is much like our Thanksgiving.  Our last Friday at school, I received my glorious, wonderful, stupendous, fantastic, beautiful, cool new iphone!  If you’ve owned one of these things for many years and are feeling rather ho-hum about the whole thing, just go down to the next paragraph.  I am in love with this little beauty.  I am only just beginning to discover what it can do!  I have gone from an ancient flip phone with no camera or anything, to the wave of the future!  And it even has an orange case!

So now that we’re normal, I’m able to capture some fun stuff as we happen upon it.  Again, wow!  I love this thing!  And so we began our week off with a weekend exploring Chinatown Incheon and Seoul.

First, to get there, we have to take the subway.  The subway here rocks.  It’s clean, efficient, and SUPER easy to use.  Even for gringos like us.  But what I really love about the subway is all the public service announcements everywhere.  They have the best videos of “poor use” of the escalator to try to teach people to stand on the right and pass on the left.  Mostly, they’re just funny.  And people are obviously NOT taking the lessons to heart.  Inside the subway are fun little diagrams for the do’s and don’ts.  Don’ts include things like pushing, talking loudly on your cellphone, taking up too much space, ignoring the elderly, and PDA.

The PDA one is hilarious.  If you look closely, it seems to suggest that you should not engage in PDA because it makes others sad, ill, and embarrassed.  I’m guessing the person on the left is embarrassed while the passenger on the right is crying and holding his stomach.  Thoughts?  Special note:  the PDA couple is even wearing couple shirts–a strange Korean phenomenon!

Another great discovery that weekend was the Kitty Cafe.  There are many in Seoul, but we had no idea where they were.  We stumbled out of the subway with a group of friends looking for a bar and instead we found a large mascot pointing the way to my own little slice of heaven.  Behold, the cat cafe, where you can play with about 8-12 gorgeous pure-breed cats, while you sip a latte.  I was in love.

If that wasn’t enough, they brought out a little pig named Spam.  He totally stole the show, but I love the kitties the most.

With this new-fangled contraption, the sky is truly the limit for what I might be able to capture in this crazy new world.  I wonder what I’ll stumble upon this week?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carrie
    Sep 20, 2011 @ 12:10:19

    Oh, Erin, you must´ve been in heaven. I am so glad you have an easy picture-sharing device and now I can “see” your new life!


  2. oegukeen
    Jan 27, 2012 @ 11:09:43

    Thank you for reminding me I should enjoy my European PDAs while I can 🙂

    The cats and piglet are adorable. Does that piglet have painted markings or is that natural?


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