Love the Travel

Moving to Korea, we were pretty stoked about all the new travel opportunities.  Turkey was exciting because of it’s proximity to Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa.  Korea is exciting because we always wanted to go to Thailand, Japan, Nepal, the Pacific Islands, Hawaii, Southern China, Mongolia (the list goes on and on).  For our winter vacation this year, we took a climbing trip to Thailand, and recently, for our spring break, we took a week to go back-country skiing in the world’s powder Mecca:  Japan.

Tim and an old friend from our time in Quito, who now works in Singapore, planned the whole thing out.  They found a tiny little ski resort near the city of Aomori on the most Northern tip of the main island, called Hakkoda-san.  What was so special about this area is that there is only one tram up to the saddle of old volcanic peaks and then all the skiing off this mountain is back country!  We also lucked out enormously.  While we were there, we had powder turns maybe 4 of the 7 days.  We even had a couple, very rare, blue-sky days.  That was fabulous.  We’ve not skied good, long, powder runs since we lived in Colorado and those were pretty far between then.  I love deep powder.  Only trail running after the endorphins have kicked in can match the elation I feel making tele-turns in some knee or thigh-deep soft stuff.

The other great thing was simply experiencing some mountain culture again which is something we deeply feel the lack of in Korea.  It’s what will eventually drive us on to somewhere new.  The area we were in attracted our kind of people, even though they were Japanese.  They were friendly, smiling, crusty old souls with super fat skis and old faded shells.  This was so refreshing and it really rejuvenated us to have some real winter surrounded by feelings of home.  Of course it helped that the skiing was fantastic!

Tim took some really great pictures of our adventures so you need to click here to go to his blog, Teaching International.


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