Open Apology to Prospective Hires

I’ve been getting a lot of emails from people applying to Chadwick.  I have to say, I am so sorry but I do not have time to reply to you right now.  Take a look at my blog–I barely have time to post much.  Mostly this is for good reason:  I’m either working hard, traveling, or training.  So rather than reply to you separately, I’ll answer some of the more frequent questions here, once (again I truly am sorry–many of you sound very cool and I would like to be able to have extended conversations with you all, but that’s just not possible at the moment):

Can I support my family on a Chadwick salary?

Probably.  I guess it depends on your lifestyle.  You’re probably not going to be traveling much if you’re supporting a family of 4 or more, but yes you can live on one salary.  The provided housing is very nice and big enough for a family with multiple children.

Do you enjoy teaching at Chadwick?

Mostly.  I do find the administration supportive and the kids are very nice.  There are a lot of great personal and professional benefits and we are treated with respect.  It’s a new school and due to its structure, it’s a bit unique in its problems and opportunities compared to other more established international schools.  There are certainly going to be a lot of growing pains.  Like any international school, if you want to teach here, you need to be open-minded and flexible.  My husband and I are staying for a fourth year and possibly a fifth after that.  I’m happy here for now.

How are your colleagues?

For the most part, the teachers are excellent here.  So excellent, in fact, that there’s a lot of internal pressure that we put on ourselves–thus the extended work hours.  People are generally very collegial.  People are active and healthy, which I appreciate.  The nature of the city is much more comfortable for families.  Singles don’t last very long even though they may love the school.  So, if you are fellow DINKS, please apply and make a good showing–I need people to hang out with 🙂

Do the teachers go on the outdoor ed trips?

Yes–and they’re great, and you have the opportunity to take kids on trips of your own design.

Okay, that’s that for now.  Please don’t be upset with me if I didn’t respond to your email.  I hope that your interview process goes well.  Put on a good game-face for the hiring fair and hopefully we’ll see you here.

If you’re reading this because you subscribed back when you were looking into Chadwick and now you’re here, please feel free to pipe in down in the comments.  Maybe your experience is different from mine or feel you have a nugget of info that would help prospective hires that you wish someone had told you.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Richard
    Dec 15, 2013 @ 18:42:12

    Thanks for answering some of our questions! 🙂


  2. Mare
    Apr 07, 2014 @ 23:38:29

    Thanks for all the info. on your site! Housing, running, etc. My husband and 2 kids (sorry, we are well past the DINK stage of our lives… but we do like your brew selection on your video & will be happy to share adult beverages with you should we get the chance!) I am a New Hire for the 2014 school year & look forward to meeting you both in August! I’m sure I’ll have plenty of questions about your favorite running routes once we get settled and in the groove of life there. Thanks again for keeping up with the blog (& Tim’s blog is great, too!)


    • erinhenkels
      Apr 08, 2014 @ 02:44:46

      Cool! Welcome! If you’re a runner, might be you’re interested in assistant coaching cross country? I need one more assistant!


      • Mare
        Apr 08, 2014 @ 10:48:24

        Oh, hahaha! I’m a pretty lame runner. I’ve only done a few half marathons and run 5Ks for fun (charity & fun runs with family & friends) and never ran Cross Country during my own school days so I’m probably not your ideal candidate for a Cross Country coach. But I do have an interest in CI’s XC program because my son runs Cross Country. He will be a 5th grader. I’ll be happy to help out, I’m just not sure I am your best option for an Asst. Coach.

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